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Breakfast Shakes

Personally I suck at mornings so here are a few make ahead shakes to get you going.  I have gotten my routine down to a T where I can wake up at 7:50 and be in my classroom by 8:30 and that includes a shower!  I like to make these shakes ahead of time and leave a couple of the fridge for those desperate times on the run.

Chocolate Berry Shake (403cal, 7g fat, 33g carbs, 55g protein) 

1 Scoop Triple Chocolate Micellar Casein

200g Greek Yogurt

250g Whole Milk

100g Frozen Fruit (I like mixed berries)

“Banana Butter” Shake (400cal, 18g fat, 26g carbs, 38g protein) 

200g Greek Yogurt

2Tbsp of Almond Butter

1 Small Banana

“Chocolate Butter” Shake (418cal, 19g fat, 15g carbs, 52g protein) 

200g Greek Yogurt

2Tbsp of Almond Butter

1 Scoop Triple Chocolate Micellar Casein


Tasty “Take Away” Pork Fried Rice

2015-02-25 21.36.00Tasty “Take Away” Pork Fried Rice

(paleo, primal, clean eating approved)

Sometimes you just really want to be “bad” and you have those cravings for things that you know you shouldn’t but you just want it so bad.  Living in England one of the things I really miss is the American version of Chinese takeaway food.  Although I know that I don’t want the food hangover that would surely (and has) occurred when I get weak and order from my local Indian or Chinese… so I ordered from an even more local place- my husband.  Placed an order for pork belly to be brought home and I came up with this magical dish.


1 package pork belly

Coconut Oil

white rice

1 onion

1 pepper

handful of peas (or diced pods)


Chinese 5 Spice

2 Eggs

Coconut Aminos


Meat: lt a small amount of coconut oil and mix with a 1tsp of Chinese 5 spice.  Use this to heavily coat the pork belly and place in a 200C hot oven for 35-45 minutes depending on the size of the cut.  When cooked remove to cool and dice into edible pieces.

Rice:  Dice peppers, carrots and onions and sauté in a small amount of coconut oil.  When onions become translucent add in beans and allow to come back up to temperature before adding rice.  (If you are not eating white rice you can substitute cauliflower that has been diced in a food processor).  Add 1-2tbsp coconut aminos to taste, 1tsp Chinese 5 spice and 1tsp of tumeric.  When all food is up to temperature (few minutes) remove from heat and add two whole eggs while mixing.

On a plate first add your rice mixture then top with an adequate amount of pork belly for a devilishly delicious but much healthier craving cure!

Super Salad!- New Original Recipe

2015-02-16 15.04.53

You know how to feel when you eat something that tastes fricken great and you know was good for you… and you only made it by using bits and pieces that you needed to get out of the fridge so you could go shopping again.. because we all know that grocery shopping is pretty much the coolest past time ever… yeah well (breathe) I feel like this:

So how can you create your own magical masterpiece… well get a nice knive, learn to cut things up so they look prettier and then come up with a better name then “Fridge Clean Farrago”.  This beautiful masterpiece was meticulously layered in the exact and precise order in one of my favourite salad bowls.  (Yeah I am only permitted Ikea stuff for everyday because I break things.. I should just invest in Ikea wine glasses… or have a standing order for delivery)

Super Salad (In a sort of particular order)

1 Head of bib lettuce thinly cut

Handful of fancier lettuce leaves (the pretty ones that come in the bags)

1/2 Avocado diced

1/2 Green crispy apple diced

Bunch of fresh Cilantro (Coriander leaf) lightly chopped

Diced chicken (mine was left over from a hunger buy on the M5 at M&S)

Small handful of walnuts

Sprinkle of Feta (if you can do goats dairy.. if not it will be OK)

Some seeds (I had sunflower on hand)

Pomegranate seeds because you forgot to make that dessert last week and now you need to use them

Sprinkling of oil of choice.. I am a solid EVOO kinda gal

Now smugly eat your salad like you intended on making something so beautiful!