Back to Basics- Week 3

So we are adding back in honey this week.  Nothing too big and only found in a couple of recipes in small amounts.  Besides being a natural sweetener honey can have many other benefits to the body.  It can be used to as a natural antispetic and local honey can be used to treat seasonal allergies. (I enjoy a small spoonful in my evening tea during the awful hayfever season).  Best honey will be local but other natural brands will be fine- just make sure you are not purchasing processed sugar water.  Also if your honey crystallises (all will eventually) just place in a water bath to bring back up to 135F and allow to cool. If you are really into the honey scene think about making a bee hotel with your kids!  Bees are essential to the balance of our agricultural systems but are under threat due to chemicals being used to treat crops.  If you are really crazy find your local bee-keeping association and have a play.


Breakfast and Snacks Chicken Stew (SC)- Everyday Paleo Blog Breakfast Sausage- Civilized Caveman Cooking (Made with all pork)
Monday Baba Ghanoush– The Clothes Make the Girl with peppers and carrots to dip Braised Moroccan Chicken with Green Olives- Slim Palate Cookbook (omit tapicoa) *Breaking down a chicken Curry Hash- Homegrown Paleo (No Lamb)
Tuesday Pistachio Crusted Salmon- Slim Palate Cookbook Citrus Cauliflower Rice- Well Fed 2 Spring Chopped Salad- Well Fed 2
Wednesday Seared Venison Bacon Mashed Parsnips- Team Nutrition Genius Onion Gravy Bohemian Brussel Sprouts- The Clothes Make the Girl
Thursday Spicy Tuna Cakes- Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook Thai Crunch Salad- Against All Grain Blog (No Meat)
Friday Buffalo Chicken Salad- Well Fed 2
Saturday Braised Short Ribs- Civilized Caveman Cooking Scalloped No-Tatos– The Paleo Mom
Sunday Coffee and Ancho Braised Lamb Shanks- Slim Palate Cookbook Parsnip Celeriac Mash with Dijon- Homegrown Paleo

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