Money, Politics, Religion and…..

So it has been a while with an update… mostly because I feel like I am playing some evil game where when I take two steps forward I get smacked back down.

Since January I have been on 6 courses of steroids and more annoyingly its been a combination of reasons from chest infections, asthma and auto-immune issues.  The most recent course has been back to back prescriptions because my body has decided that hives are cool, hot burning hives that like to relocate themselves everyday.  From experience I can say the worst place has been either the chest (where you feel like you have a sunburn from hell) or the feet (where the idea of shoes is impossible and even walking barefoot is itchy!)

The upside is when I have been feeling decent I have been trying to patiently work out… little by little.  I also have been really great with my food and an plethora of new recipes and menu plans are on the horizon.  I have managed to loose 20lbs since before Christmas and keep it off… not a lot but considering I want to eat everything in sight while on prendisone not too bad…

So how does this tie into the title…. ?  These are all things I have no problem sharing about my journey.  My slow weight loss, my gains, my will power failures but there is a whole other part of my journey that is going on in the background and that is much more difficult to speak about- to anyone.


Yeah I just dropped the dirty “I” word.  I am 31 years old, married for 4 years, have the house, dog, car, degree, job… basically I checked all my boxes in the right order.  But turns out other than auto-immune issues including allergies and asthma my body had some fun other tricks hiding up its sleeve.  Its been over a year since my husband and I have been TTC (trying to conceive for those of you not into the lingo).  While dealing with everything else going on I have tried to be patient but am mindful of each month that ticks past.   Downside- not pregnant yet…. Upside- Get to drink wine and play rugby for another month.

While we are stuck in the NHS waiting line for appointments to see what is going on I just need to be patient…. not one of my larger virtues.  I am very lucky to have found an on-line community of down to earth women who are in similar positions or I may have lost it by now (Shout out to Lisa Frank).  The topic of TTC is hard enough to bring up, but when you are not very good at it, everyone in your life seems to be better at it than you… it just makes you lonely

Until then I have this blog to keep me busy.  I have a huge to do list amd havebeen working on some home made cleaners and schedules… so thank you for being a welcomed distraction from that which I can not control.

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