Michelle’s Journey- The Start

Much like Kerianne or as I call her Queso I am trying to get my act together.  For the most part I complain about being a hot mess, but in reality I cannot function without some sort of schedule/routine/plan.  Lately, I’ve let my work/life balance get out of whack and that has led to me putting other people/things/work above my own well being. So, this is my attempt, should I say resolution at getting my balance back, enjoying life, and living healthy.

So  a little about me.  I’m a born and raised Texan, who has dreams of moving away, but somehow I can never get away. I’ve started looking into a Primal lifestyle in the summer of 2011 and went Paleo in the spring of 2012.  I was doing great, lost about 25 lbs, felt better than ever,and had a good relationship with food.  A group of girls at my Crossfit gym and I did a Paleo food exchange, worked out together at least 4 days a week and had a good support system.

In the spring of 2013 I switched Crossfit gyms, and then in the summer of 2013 our food exchanged stopped due to busy schedules/life/etc.  I kept a 80/20 Paleo lifestyle for awhile, then I started down a slippery slope of just one more cheat, or it’s just one cookie. Fast forward and a year later I am unhappy with where I am at.  I’ve put the weight back on, I have more days of tossing and turning at night, I have a bad relationship with food, it’s an endless cycle of I’ll start tomorrow/next week/after insert any excuse here.

buzz.bug (1)

So, this is my way of accountability, I know what it takes, I just need to put on the big girl panties and do it.  I also know I need to do this.  I have a history of heart disease and diabetes in my family, and I want to help myself and my family become healthier.

Like Boston, I have a background in science, we met in Austin while in graduate school and I now work as a chemist for a chemical company in Texas.  We have been the best of friends since 2006 and although we are separated by “the pond” we talk on a daily basis and try to visit each other once a year. So where to start? Well, I am going to start with working out 4 days a week, incorporating body weight movements, cardio, and weightlifting.  I’m also going to slow down and take time for me.  Whether it be turning off my phone for 3 hours on the weekend, a long walk, yoga, whatever it is that feels good for me.  I am also committing to getting my food in check by eating clean for 30 days, I might even extend it to 45/60 depending on how I’m feeling.

Until next time!

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