Boston’s Journey- Starting Over (Again)

If you don’t get the above reference then maybe you are too young to be reading this… however it is true.  I have some vices… mostly being cheese, booze and boys.  OK maybe not the last one I am a married woman after all.  But as I am sharing my knowledge with many of you I figure I should also share a bit more of myself- who I am and what I am.   Right now I eat too much, snack too much and drink more than I should.  But despite all the things I am dealing with (lets not forget the IBS, PCOS, and fun autoimmune issues) I have been really reluctant to make my health a priority.  I have gotten “better” and “cleaner” but I don’t have all my shit together at the moment. This is even more of a slap in the face as I am an intelligent human being that really does know better… but…

So I need to really get my shit together, set the right priorities in the right order if I am going to become the person I want to be.  And as a blogger sharing my story I should really live what I preach right… because right now…

So joined a gym, looking for a road race, actually went to the gym, using my tracking, eating cleaner, drinking more water and cutting back on the booze.  Although I formerly was in the “drink till its pink” category while trying to conceive I have reconsidered and will be abstaining post ovulation and saving up for a good old night only a few times a month.  Hopefully all this work will help with my physical and emotional issues but a constant act of simplifying and stripping our life back to basics will hopefully at least help with the bank account.  I created a physical book to go along with the blog and track my progress and gave it this awesome cover:

2015-04-14 19.31.25

I then set myself some reasonable goals:

2015-04-14 19.31.51

And then I got to work today:

2015-04-14 19.32.02

Now the whole book is already filled with inspirational words for me to reflect on etc and its in a file that is currently being a jerk… But I will make that and the similar journal I made for a friend to get her through a rough time with anxiety available once I figure out where I put the files.

Until then wish me luck… back to uploading health podcasts onto my old school ipod for some inspiration while I clean/cook/garden/become a fitty instead of watching TV with a glass of wine.

One response to “Boston’s Journey- Starting Over (Again)

  1. Nothing beats a good physical notebook! Sending you lots of support for your journey and looking forward to reading more as you progress.


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