A Bottle of Red, A Bottle of White- Boston’s Journey

So the week started out pretty well with a great balance of macros, food, lifting and this new thing called jogging…

Wine used to be my friend.  A good enough friend to always be there when you were down but not good enough a friend to tell you when you have had enough.  Well Thursday was a shitty day… (so that I don’t get fired I will leave it at that) then it was compounded by a meeting that kept me at school till past 5pm.   Now I did NOT go out and buy wine… but it called my name from the wine rack where it has been sleeping.  So the next thing I know I am drinking the second bottle and trying to have a conversation crying to my husband and told I need to sleep in the spare room as I get ridiculously stuffy and snore and blow my nose all night when I had the red devil.  The next day was a bit rough (and when your day is spent interacting with teenage girls it doesn’t need to be made more rough!) so needless to say I have really learned my lesson.  It was also depressing to see that it was an extra 1221cal and 38g of carbs that I really did not need and would have had an “on target” diet day.  So basically even though-

looks I will have to live with the rest of the mortals and avoid this one in the future.  Particularly when in an emotionally charged state on a week night.

The rest of the week was a bit up and a bit down… but with some kick ass lifts.  I joined a new gym that is cheaper, closer but kind of a bodybuilder type gym.  Which means I need to funnel all 5’5″ of me into a ball of fury when someone touches my equipment… one guy did it twice!  He didn’t have the balls to ask if I was done and instead took a collar off of a bar I was alternating cleans with my squats… so with 85kg on my back coming up from a squat I was able to make my mind known.  You don’t touch my stuff… or I am going to have to get the bitch out!

So…. Here is the breakdown of how I am doing…

2015-04-19 22.13.372015-04-19 22.13.48

2015-04-19 22.22.512015-04-19 22.22.58

Until next week!

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