Super Salad!- New Original Recipe

2015-02-16 15.04.53

You know how to feel when you eat something that tastes fricken great and you know was good for you… and you only made it by using bits and pieces that you needed to get out of the fridge so you could go shopping again.. because we all know that grocery shopping is pretty much the coolest past time ever… yeah well (breathe) I feel like this:

So how can you create your own magical masterpiece… well get a nice knive, learn to cut things up so they look prettier and then come up with a better name then “Fridge Clean Farrago”.  This beautiful masterpiece was meticulously layered in the exact and precise order in one of my favourite salad bowls.  (Yeah I am only permitted Ikea stuff for everyday because I break things.. I should just invest in Ikea wine glasses… or have a standing order for delivery)

Super Salad (In a sort of particular order)

1 Head of bib lettuce thinly cut

Handful of fancier lettuce leaves (the pretty ones that come in the bags)

1/2 Avocado diced

1/2 Green crispy apple diced

Bunch of fresh Cilantro (Coriander leaf) lightly chopped

Diced chicken (mine was left over from a hunger buy on the M5 at M&S)

Small handful of walnuts

Sprinkle of Feta (if you can do goats dairy.. if not it will be OK)

Some seeds (I had sunflower on hand)

Pomegranate seeds because you forgot to make that dessert last week and now you need to use them

Sprinkling of oil of choice.. I am a solid EVOO kinda gal

Now smugly eat your salad like you intended on making something so beautiful!

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